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CBD Could Replace Antidepressant Drugs

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Natural Antidepressant

The legalization of cannabidiol (CBD) for medical purposes has opened up a vast network of demand and supply chains, benefiting patients who are suffering from un-treatable illnesses. One such demographic includes people who are eligible for AARP membership because CBD has become an instant hit with them. The staggering fact is that millions of people suffer from bouts of depression; an outcome of a grim scope in the face of un-treatable illnesses. Could CBD be a natural antidepressant to assist those suffering?

Diseases such as Tourette’s syndrome are not fully understood by doctors. They have only been able to trace their origins back to the neurological pathways in the brain. Patients who are taking CBD report that it is a multifaceted approach that provides relief to their body and mind. Their sleep patterns are improving and the brain is getting rid of dangerous toxins.

CBD is known to work on the endocannabinoid system and alleviate pain without inducing any adverse side effects. This is why patients are now ditching painkillers in favor of CBD.

There are many ways of consuming HempWorx CBD; one of the more popular CBD brands and it includes tinctures and topical salves. Many patients prefer to use tinctures as opposed to consuming capsules or salves because they want to taste the product and feel its effects.

This doesn’t mean that patients using antidepressant medications are completely ditching conventional medicines. Many are supplementing their existing regimes with CBD to help them in a pinch. For instance, many users who frequently experience anxiety attacks use Prozac to get through the day. They also keep tinctures of CBD nearby to provide instant relief when they need a ‘hit’.

Many experts agree that CBD’s role so far should be to supplement conventional medicines instead of outright replacing them. This is because, for all its purported benefits, CBD is simply not well studied or backed up by thousands of peer reviewed journals like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are. But that is changing and CBD is being used as an antidepressant more and more!

How CBD Helps with Depression and Sleep

CBD directly interacts with cell receptors, especially those that activate serotonin and dopamine in the body. When consumed, CBD influences the endocannabinoid system to release serotonin and dopamine throughout the body. A study in 2011 found that CBD ‘modulates’ the serotonin system in the body, making it an effective way to treat patients with depression and regulate the body’s response to stressful situations.

Patients who are diagnosed with clinical depression will report a myriad of symptoms. Perhaps the most damaging of which is insomnia— an inability to sleep. This initiates a perpetual cycle of helplessness, sadness, and worthlessness. At times people report feeling sad for long periods of time without the symptoms alleviating.

Every Day Optimal CBD

Sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissue located in the breathing airway relaxes at night. This causes blockage to build up, resulting in interrupted breathing every couple of seconds or couple of minutes. In the worst of cases, these apnea events can happen up to 30 times an hour. CBD can normalize sleep patterns by reducing ‘sleep apnea’ in patients.

HempWorx CBD oil is derived from industrial hemp plant, which contains a higher yield of cannabinoids and low amounts of THC. An excellent natural antidepressant that many suffering with depression now use daily. To learn more click here.

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