CBD Oils for Anxiety: An Honest Guide

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Anxiety & CBD

If we were to list all the health benefits CBD has, then we could write an entire book about it. However, one of the most groundbreaking uses scientists have noticed is its effectiveness in treating anxiety. And here’s why: CBD gives outstanding results without the side effects that come with most medical treatment. If you struggle with anxiety, then this option can be life-changing.

How Does CBD Work in Treating Anxiety?

First things first: let’s go through what CBD is for the readers that didn’t get the latest updates on marijuana research. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a marijuana’s compound similar to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol,) its famous relative. However, unlike the latter, CBD is not inebriating, which means you won’t get high from consuming it. But what it does is impact your brain cells and other tissues in a highly beneficial manner by reducing inflammation, regulating your heartbeat, and helping the body relax.

Effects of the Standard Pharmaceutical Treatment of Anxiety 

Anxiety disorders are widespread with forms ranging from mild to PTSD, panic attacks and social anxiety. These conditions can be crippling and hard to manage, and, unfortunately, the treatment can have severe side effects. Benzodiazepines, one of the most common treatments for these disorders can lead to:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Grogginess
  • Weak pulse
  • Loss of coordination
  • Difficulty driving and performing other essential tasks
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Low libido

As you can imagine, the choice can be quite tricky sometimes: take the meds and feel numb or try to manage your anxious behavior and symptoms through other means. While we think that treatment is paramount and you should seek medical advice if you experience any mental health issues, you can also take a second look at what other options are available to you. CBD, for instance, has been shown to have success in treating some mental health disorders without the usual side effects.

Effects of CBD Oil Treatment for Anxiety

When scientists began studying the effects of cannabinoids on humans and animals, they observed high efficiency in diminishing the symptoms of anxiety without the numbing side-effects that accompany regular treatment. While research is still in its early stage and long-term effects have yet to be discovered, the incidence of improvement is more than encouraging.

What CBD does is interact with our body’s neurotransmitters and natural occurring endocannabinoid and tells it to stop sending stress signals and start regulating the bodies’ capacities.

What to Consider When Choosing CBD Oil for Treating Anxiety

CBD oils and other marijuana-based medicinal products are the latest crazes in alternative medicine, so it can be quite confusing to know what is right for your specific needs.

That’s why we strongly recommend talking with an expert that can help you craft a plan for your unique situation. It is essential to choose a CBD product that does not include THC since this cannabinoid can exacerbate your anxiety symptoms. CBD can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana, which makes it easier to get than THC based products.

Before opting for a brand of oil, you need to figure out what you need. Try to identify your threshold of tolerance to CBD. Start with a low dose and build up from that, if needed.

You can then choose from a wide variety of CBD products, from oil, capsules, and tinctures to vaping or gummy bears. Choose whatever fits your lifestyle and budget and start experimenting with the dosage, time of administration, etc.

CBD can be an excellent addition to your anxiety treatment. But, before anything, make sure to talk with your doctor about including it in your treatment scheme. And, if you are looking for high-quality products, have a look on our website. We review and handpick the best CBD oils on the market so you can rest assured you are getting your money’s worth.

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