Passion, Commitment, Experience


James Cummiskey



James is the leader of the team, the man who put the idea into motion! He hails from humble beginnings but you’d never know that to meet this dynamic go getter!

The foundation for Compare CBD is set as James boasts a successful sales and management background. He built a digital marketing agency over a 5 year period with many blue chip global clients and has run many other successful businesses. With a huge passion for helping people, James’ goal is to build a special team of people that would normally never get the chance to achieve massive success, some with the odds stacked against them. Together we make so many dreams come true.

Living his life by the law of attraction, James is set to create a “Quinton Leap”. This honest, loyal, family man with an incredible entrepreneurial spirit has already set the wheels in motion. There’s no doubt Compare CBD will be a smashing success under the watchful eye of this born leader, shaker and deal maker!

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Ryan Dale



Ryan is the team “energizer bunny” and we’re not remotely kidding here! His energy is infectious which makes him the perfect man for this position!

With years of wheeling and dealing under his belt, Ryan is very passionate about sales and the business world. A very ambitious entrepreneur, Ryan is a “get it done” kind of guy.

He’s very honest about his background and personal struggles. ADHD has been something he has dealt with all his life, but it’s a huge asset for us, as he’s also a “proving ground” for which CBD products actually work! Losing his beloved brother is what lead him to James. They met in a previous company and share many of the same goals. It was a no-brainer to team up and conquer the world together.

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Bernadette Fusco



Bernie is the co-founder and a part owner of, and also the mother of CEO James.

Bernie has been a single mom for many years, to her own children as well as four others that were not her own. With a heart of gold, she cared for them all with great love and attention. An exemplary mother as James says.

Bernie was born to be a ‘mum’ to everyone! She always thinks of others before herself and never moans about the stresses of her day to day life. She is someone everyone looks up to and respects; and is always smiling!

At the age of 57, Bernie developed IBS, Celiac and Fibromyalgia. She discovered CBD whilst looking for supplements to help with her health. She joined an MLM selling CBD and it was here that she met up with Steph Dawson. She started working with Steph and researching CBD, which is where the idea of came from. Bernie is now a key person of Compare CBD Ltd and is working as part of a 10 person team. She is feeling happier than she has been for years and is looking forward to a bright future.

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Pamela Bonnick



Pamela Bonnick looks after all of the office administrative tasks as well as manages office functions. She started working at the age of 16 in an office environment doing different tasks, from Sales to Purchasing, Accounts and Credit Controller. She took time out to have her lovely children and returned back to work but in a different roll looking after the elderly.

Pam joined the Compare CBD team at the beginning as she knew firsthand the benefits of taking CBD. Struggling with going through the change from hot flushes to bad memory and mood swings, but not only that, her beautiful older sister was diagnosed the day before New Year’s Eve back in 2016 with terminal stomach cancer, she is currently taking CBD and is still fighting the long battle she has to face.

Pamela lives her life by “Family is everything”

A major asset to the team and we couldn’t do this without her expertise! She keeps us organized, that’s for sure!

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Troy White



Troy White is our International Sales Director in charge of new business development and wholesale. He has enjoyed a very successful career as a sales and marketing professional with over 30 years’ experience in launching new products, managing sales, marketing, operations and lead generation for both startup and large corporate environments. During his career he has built numerous companies, both in the sales and marketing areas of business. A multiple business award earner, he was even mentioned on for his innovative online sales and marketing methods!

Troy is an avid martial artist and health fanatic, and was so amazed at the benefits of CBD for his athletic pursuits and health, he began a career in the CBD industry. For the past year, as a consumer, and as a business developer, Troy has dedicated his time to learning everything possible about CBD. 

He considers himself a “cannabis visionary” and sees the immense need out there for top quality products that over-deliver on results. Troy has been highly successful in finding and capitalizing on new opportunities for accelerated growth in new CBD product launches, and company-wide campaigns.

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Denise Chapman



Denise Chapman is our Marketing Director and is located in Canada and oversees all marketing, social media and website functions from design to SEO and works closely with Creative Director, Kyle Whaley. Prior to joining Compare CBD, Denise ran her own successful design and marketing company for the past 20+ years. Before branching out on her own, she was the Director of Marketing for a software development company and also a regional manager for a multi billion dollar a year fortune 500 company. In 2014 Denise discovered the network marketing industry and has not looked back! In her very first company, she became the top sponsor in the world out of 700 thousand people, as well as the top sales person in Canada. In her second company, she also became a top recruiter as well as the top sales person in Canada. This multi award winning superstar then discovered the CBD industry in another direct sales role and was hugely successful; #1 on the leaderboard company wide for sales and recruiting – and that’s when Compare CBD discovered her talents and brought her on board. Denise says: “I’m so excited to be part of this global team and this brand! After my one year stint working as a CBD rep, I realized how important this product is for people to have. I wanted to be part of something bigger…. Something that truly is helping people. I have my own personal CBD success story so I have first hand knowledge of how incredible and life changing these products are. Everyone needs CBD and we are going to do our best to help everyone, everywhere get it!”

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Ramsey Douglas



My name is Ramsey Douglas and I am the Sales Manager here at

My background is high end retail sales and management selling into major retail and Supermarket estates. My role in these positions has been to bring new products and Technologies to the market and develop them into major business sectors.

More recently I have bought brands to the UK that were otherwise operating in other countries and developed them into major trading brands.

I am very excited and humbled to be joining this venture and looking very forward at seeing what the next 12 months and beyond holds.

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David Lowes



David Lowes is a highly driven member of the team, who has the determination and background to make sure everything is done ethically and professionally.

David started his working career in the construction industry, serving his apprenticeship as a plasterer. But after he finished his apprenticeship was laid off due to lack of work. So he moved careers completely and started to work in the Hospitality industry. After several successful years he made it up to Operations manager for a large international hotel group, but he yearned for something more.

At this point in his career he moved to a internationally recognise telephone and broadband company, after years as a manager he was asked to join the occupational health and learning team. Of which he successfully trained hundreds of call centre staff in the art of sales, and rolling out new products to existing teams.

He was then head hunted to join a very successful  Energy Consultancy as field sales operations manager his success continued within the company until he met his girlfriend and decided to move abroad.

It was at this point he joined out team and had took the responsibility of our branch in Europe.

He has a massive passion for motorcycling, and when he is not on the office he will generally be found riding his bike around the Netherlands and the UK.

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Damon Bonnick



As the Operations Director, Damon manages and co-ordinates all projects and campaigns. He is one of the very few people who helped create the company in May 2018.

After Damon left school he got a job working as a mechanic for Ford; some years later it was time for a change and Damon joined the railway as a trackman, working on a team all over the UK. Recently he decided to take one more change in direction towards the industry he loved the most, (medical cannabis).

The journey started for Damon the night he met James at a mutual friend’s house. He is now a highly valued member of the team.

Like the whole team of Compare CBD, Damon has been brought up through humble backgrounds and has always wanted more for him and his family. Damon is a dreamer and puts 100% into everything he sets his mind to. He always makes his presence known and loves to put a smile on everyone’s face, he’s the team moral booster! Having been through some ups and downs over the past few years, he is sure he is on the right path for his goals and dreams. Damon believes that everyone has two decisions to make every morning, “you rather continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.”

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Kyle Whaley



Kyle Whaley is the Creative Director and is responsible for all design and company branding. A very talented designer, Kyle’s skills give the company and it’s subsidiaries a very professional image. He works closely with Marketing Director, Denise Chapman and the two are a dynamic duo that deliver top notch designs and marketing campaigns for Compare CBD and our elite client base. Kyle has been best friends with Damon Bonnick since Primary School and Damon brought him into the team in April 2018, knowing he had the skills to take the role he was given. Like Damon, he is a keen footballer and boxer and is our creative guy on the team and a marketing whizz. A tremendous asset to the team! Kyle creates sound, professional layouts and logos for the company branding and works closely with Marketing Director, Denise Chapman in regards to company wide marketing for all three of our brands. He’s also very techy, loves to learn and stands up to any challeng that drops in his lap! We have no doubt he will succeed in this company and in life. He is a real go-getter and adamant he is going to change the world with this company.

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