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Will You Fail a Drug Test by Taking CBD?

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Drug Testing Failed & CBD

There are several reasons why you might undergo a drug test, such as drug screening before being hired or inmates proving that they are drug free upon release from jail. Other instances involve accidents with the person of interest being required to show evidence that they were not under the influence of intoxicants at the time of the accident. Or the most common reason, your employer requires regular, mandatory drug testing.

These were just some of the reasons we thought off the top of our head that make drug testing a common thing. People who are subject to drug screenings need to pass these tests in order to avoid consequences. In places where drug testing is mandated, both employers and law enforcement agencies will require strict adherence to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to remain within the threshold levels and to gain legal protection.

Several drugs can be shown in a drug test, especially the ones that are consumed in larger quantities including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This raises a very important question: Will CBD show up on a drug test?

Check the Source of the Product

THC is primarily used because of its psychoactive effects. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with it’s own health benefits— alleviating anxiety, reducing nausea and helping with epileptic seizures.

CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plants, and it offers several benefits. This makes it perfect for those who have seen the healing properties of cannabis  without the high that is typically associated marijuana abuse.

Now, CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plants, which means that traces of prohibited compounds such as THC can show up on a drug test. Users fear failing a drug screening test if they consume CBD oil.

It should be understood that high quality CBD oils have minute traces of THC (that are within the legal limits). CBD oil from other products might contain high levels of THC without letting the user know its exact quantities.

Not all manufacturers state the truth about the amount of THC that their CBD product contains. This makes it possible for their user base to get caught off guard in a drug screening test. The users could be held accountable for containing illegal traces of THC in their body. You can purchase THC FREE CBD products! You will not fail a drug test with these CBD isolate products.

Different Manufacturing Processes

There are two types of CBD oil products, CBD isolate and CBD full spectrum. Some manufacturers believe that CBD should be combined with other cannabinoids to increase the medicinal properties of the cannabis plants. These products are usually known as CBD Full Spectrum even though manufacturers claim that these products do not exceed the legal limit for THC. CBD Isolate, in contrast, doesn’t contain copious amounts of THC and remains well within the legal limit.

With this difference made clear, you should always be on your guard when it comes to CBD products. Only purchase CBD oil that is created by using high quality extraction methods (such as the Carbon Dioxide extraction method).

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