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Soft Gel 750mg – CBD Pure

  • GBP: £77.74
  • CAD: $133.04
The CBD Softgels are an ideal way of consuming your CBD  in an easy to swallow Softgel.  Each gel gives

Spray Chocolate 300mg – CBD – Hemp Touch

  • GBP: £21.23
  • CAD: $36.34
Our chocolate spray is a delicious way to get your CBD daily intake, why not feed your Endocannabinoid system while

Super CBD 6-Pack – Ojai Energetic’s

  • GBP: £349.61
  • CAD: $598.35
 Our dedicated team of experts has holistically formulated this blend with your optimum health in mind. We use non-GMO, CBD-rich

Super CBD Organic Cannabis Oil – Ojai Energetic’s

  • GBP: £58.27
  • CAD: $99.72
Super CBD contains CBD rich Hemp Oil which has been hollistically formulated by our experts. It is grown without the

Whole Body Activation Cinnamon Tincture – 300mg – SOL CBD

  • GBP: £61.42
  • CAD: $105.11
What you will hold in your hands is pure hemp extract combined with MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides), Cinnamon and

Whole Body Activation Tincture – 300mg – SOL CBD

  • GBP: £61.42
  • CAD: $105.11
Our Whole body Activation Tincture is a great way to send your whole body into paradise, we carry our CBD

Whole Body Liposomal – Citrus Flavour – 300mg – SOL CBD

  • GBP: £73.86
  • CAD: $126.40
Whole body Lipsomal comes in a water soluble CBD Lotion, use our soft citrus lotion to smell and feel like